Like so many other things that have become obsolete in this decade, CD's have joined the list of things we no longer need. More people are streaming their music, and I hope you'll be streaming ours. Thousands or tens of thousands of streams is a great way to get a publisher's attention. So don't look for any more CD's from us in the foreseeable future, but please do find us on Spotify, Apple Music or your favorite streaming and download services. We have several great new songs for download to add to your playlist.

Like these we recorded in Nashville in June:

1. I'll Work Through The Night

2. Misfit Toys

3. Single Tank of Gas

4. This Time Is For Sure

Or these we recorded in Nashville in December:

1. Old School

2. I Stir the Sauce

3. Whiskey Talk

4. Fishing

Or these we recorded in New York City in April:

1. Magdalena

2. Dollar Chicken

3. Woman Of My Dreams

4. Ordinary Life

Nashville October tracks

1. It Just Does

2. Country Running In My Blood

3. Things I Like

4. K Mart Pop Up Tent

Or you can still buy one of these CD’s if you’re feeling nostalgic: