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Greetings friends, and thanks for joining us on our musical journey. We circulated our latest CD, Jane, to more than 1,300 roots and Americana radio stations around the world. We received a lot of airplay along with some tremendous feedback, and I continue to get playlists from DJ’s as far away as New Zealand.

A DJ from the Netherlands wrote to me asking for more of our music, and said that Jane was a “Damn good song.” A DJ with BBC radio in Scotland called Jane “A great release.” But my favorite comment by far was from a DJ broadcasting from Gaza last summer, when the region, besieged by seemingly endless conflict, was undergoing shelling. He said that he was playing our music to bring hope at a time when hope was desperately needed by the people there. He was playing Dublin in the Rain.

This year is filled with promise. I promise to put my clothes in the hamper, to fill in the memo area when I write a check, and to shovel the walk before the snow melts. But we are also working on a new record, and Justin, our guitarist and producer, thinks it’s going to be our best yet. All the songs are written, they are crowd tested and mother approved, and we are hard at work recording them at Frequency Studios in White Plains. Hard and work are the operative words in that last sentence. But hearing it come together is incredibly satisfying.

Thank you for stopping by this site, thank you for listening, and thank you for supporting independent music.



The People of Jane

One of my favorite quotes going back to my days as an advertising student was by Gilbert Chesterton which goes “I’ve searched all the parks and all the cities and found no statues of committees.” It’s become something of a personal maxim, which only goes to show what a control freak I really am. But there are times in my life when a collaboration is resoundingly helpful, like when it comes to making a record. This exercise is strengthened by the input of other people with creative minds—people who exude confidence and take as much pride in the outcome as I do. Welcoming them into this process and watching the songs unfold and mature has been a greatly satisfying experience for me. Yes, making a record takes a village. And right in the square there’d be a statue of these fine, talented people.

Elizabeth Bruce | Supporting Vocals
Justin Gild | Producer, Arrangements, Guitars
Bruce Rose | Bass Guitar
Marjorie Sachs | Keyboards
Tony Saporito | Drums
Jeffrey Young | Violin
Rich Fabrizio | Engineer
Andie Springer | Violin on Jane
Dan Winterstein | Drums on Grand Central