This Is Love

Greetings Friends, and thanks for joining us on this musical journey. As of this writing we just finished recording our sixth full length CD of original material, called This is Love. With each project we learn a little, we grow a little, and we get a little better at it. Like our producer Justin predicted, this is our best yet. And like a new father, I am full of pride.

We have already begun to circulate the new tracks to Americana and Roots stations around the world through the Poet Man records distribution network. This is also what we did with Jane when we released it, and it received a fair amount of exposure and radio play. We expect This is Love will reach many listeners as well.

In the meantime we are working on the next batch of songs, keeping the cows milked, and playing gigs to showcase the new material. If you’ve been out to see us play, thank you—your support means the world to us. If you haven’t and you’re in the area, please join us for what is always a fun outing. And if you’re not in the neighborhood, please enjoy a video or audio track. Shower our social media with likes, and share us

See you out there!


The People of This is Love

One of my favorite quotes going back to my days as an advertising student was by Gilbert Chesterton which goes “I’ve searched all the parks and all the cities and found no statues of committees.”I hold onto it, which only goes to show what a control freak I really am. But there are times in life when a collaboration is resoundingly helpful, like when it comes to making a record. This exercise is strengthened by the input of other people with creative minds—people who exude confidence and take as much pride in the outcome as I do. Welcoming them into this process and watching the songs unfold and mature has been a greatly satisfying experience for me. Yes, making a record takes a village. And right in the square there’d be a statue of these committed, talented people.

Elizabeth Bruce | Supporting Vocals
Justin Gild | Producer, Arrangements, Guitars
Bruce Rose | Bass Guitar
Marjorie Sachs | Keyboards, Supporting Vocals
Tony Saporito | Drums
Jeffrey Young | Violin

That Nashville Sound


I recently recorded 4 songs at Beaird Studio in Nashville, with the house band and 4 different singers. Two of the songs are new and two were recorded before but I always thought they should be sung in the Nashville style.

1. Old School

2. I Stir the Sauce

3. Whiskey Talk

4. Fishing