I believe that music is a journey. Around every bend there is a new landscape—something surprising and unexpected. The goal is not so much to reach a destination as to soak in the scenery and stop from time to time, to turn over rocks, swim in the quarry, climb the water tower or walk on the train track—to explore the changing landscape. On this journey of discovery I can only hope to leave my footprint in some fresh mud.
From Nashville to Seattle, New Orleans to New York, Toronto to Sydney, good music is everywhere, and comes in many forms. And the wonderful thing is you don’t need a car, bus or plane to get there. It’s as close as the radio dial or smart phone. Like the line in my song, “I’ll show you the world on a single tank of gas,” the world is getting smaller and more accessible every day. It’s my hope that you will join me on this journey, where emotion is revealed through everything we see, touch and experience. Both physically and metaphorically. Whether at home or on the road.

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